Kerala Man’s Emotional Post on His Mother’s Second Marriage Is Going Viral, Netizens Are in Happy Tears
Gokul's Mother With Her Second Husband (Photo Credits: Gokul Sreedhar/ Facebook)

A Facebook post of a son, wishing a happy married life to his mother, on her second wedding is going viral in India. Kerala’s Kollam-based Engineer, Gokul Sreedhar, shared an emotional post, written in Malayalam, which touched everyone’s heart on the social media platform. Gokul’s mother faced domestic violence in her previous marriage with his father. For the longest of time, Gokul had been living in guilt, as he felt that his mother was making all the sacrifices for him. Now that his mother is settled and found a life partner, Gokul is happy and nothing else could bring him greater joy. The emotional post has since gone viral and netizens are in happy tears. 'MS Dhoni Hotel': Eat For Free at This West Bengal Restaurant if You're a Die-Hard MSD Fan!

“A woman who set aside her life for me. She has suffered a lot in what was a disastrous marriage. After getting beaten, when blood dripped from her forehead, I have often asked her why she bore it. I remember her telling me that she was willing to suffer for my sake as she was living for me,” read Gokul’s viral post, after being translated from Malayalam by various media outlets. He recalled the time, when he and his mother decided to leave their house. “That day, when I left the house with her, I had decided about this moment. My mother, who set aside her entire youth for me, has a lot of dreams and heights to conquer. I have nothing more to say. I realised that this is something that does not need to be kept hidden. Mother, happy married life,” adds Gokul.

Before sharing the post, Gokul was apprehensive, but he soon realised that there is nothing to hide. He even requested all those with “eyes of suspicion, pity and hate,” to not even glance at the post. Along with the inspirational post, Gokul also shared her mother photo with her second husband. Viral Video of Killer Whale Swimming With a Pod of Dolphins Alongside Fishermen’s Boat off Cape Cod Will Mesmerize You. 

Here's The Viral Post

Domestic violence is a serious issue in India and a woman getting remarried, is a greater taboo. Fighting all odds, both Gokul and his mother, stands as an inspiration to many and netizens cannot stop showering all their love. Since being shared online, the Facebook post has more than 30,000 likes and above 3,000 shares and the count is still on. Comments surfaced on the viral post with people praising Gokul and his mother for keeping their strength.