Oldest Skydiver in the World: Video of 102-Year-Old Adorable Grandmother Jumping in Australia Goes Viral
102-year-old grandmother sets skydiving record (Photo credits: Twitter)

Age is just a number and while most of the senior citizens would give the reason for their age to not do certain things, a grandmother from Australia is a big inspiration. 102-year-old Irene O'Shea became the oldest skydiver in the world as she leapt over the skies of Adelaide. She skydived over 14,000 feet and did it for a cause, which puts a lot of others to shame. This wasn't Irene's first jump in her old age. She did it on her 100th birthday and super geared up to do it two years later again. The video of this adorable grandmother has been released and it has gone viral, quite deservingly. 57 Women Jump From Planes Setting Skydiving World Record in Ukraine (Watch Video).

With the help of divers and a special harness, she jumped from the plane along with a partner. After a bit of free fall, the parachute opened and she landed smoothly on the ground. She looked immensely cute in her knit-sweater and a wide smile on her face throughout. All the while O'Shea's great-grandchildren were cheering for her. SA Skydiving, the company which helped her complete the feat called her an absolute joy. Pune Adventurist Shital Rane-Mahajan Sets New Record; Skydives in Maharashtrian Nauvari Saree. 

Watch Video of 102-Year-Old Grandmother Skydiving in Australia

Irene O'Shea was so thrilled with her jump on her 100th birthday that she has done it every year. The reason O'Shea made the record was to raise awareness and also collect funds for the Motor Neuron Disease Association of South Australia. She was so keen about the issue because she lost her daughter to the same disease about 10 years ago. She was quoted in a news report, she 'felt pretty normal' during the jump. "It was very clear up there and the weather was good, but it was very cold up there," she said. Irene O'Shea is sure very inspiring with her courage and deserves all the praises for her feat.