Squirming Worms in Strawberries You May Have Ignored, Exposed by This TikTok Trick! Watch Shocking Viral Videos of Netizens Removing Tiny Bugs Camouflaging in the Fruit
Bugs in strawerries and be removed using saltwater trick (Photo Credits: TikTok)

A recent trend on TikTok may make you rethink all the time you ever had strawberries because you may have gobbled up some time worms and other bugs along with the delicious fruit. Yes, this saltwater TikTok trend is exposing tiny bugs and worms living inside strawberries that are often missed quite easily. When you look at these strawberries used in these viral TikTok videos you will not find any trace of worms or bugs but turns out they do exist in the fruit except in hiding.

To prove it TikTokers are using a trick where they place the strawberries in a bowl and then pour salt water on it. You have to pour enough salt water to cover all the strawberries in the bowl. Then within a few minutes, you will see bugs and worms squirming out of the strawberries and sight will make you sick in the stomach. The saltwater solution tends to cause an irritation which makes the bugs come out of hiding.

However, the only thing that is messing up people's heads apart from the visuals is how many strawberries have we eaten before this that aren't cleaned using this method. the rough surface on the strawberry makes it easy for tiny worms to hide and it is important for people to clean it well before eating. Well, if you are still not convinced, watch these videos:

@babyadrianne SO GROSS!!! ##washyourstrawberries ♬ original sound - babyadrianne

Look at This One

@selesteradcliffe GROSS IT WAS JUMPING!!!!! BRB CRYING ##fyp ##xyzcba ##GROSS ♬ original sound - babyadrianne

Here's Another One

Some of these videos may gross you out and make you shun strawberries for life. However, you must remember that the fruit is quite healthy, and do not stop eating strawberries because of this. Just make sure to clean it well and throw away the ones that are excessively rotten.