From the last week, social media is buzzing with WhatsApp's new privacy policy update. A lot of people are unsure whether they should accept it, while others have unknowingly accepted it. Meanwhile, some users are switching to Telegram and Signal, the new ways of messaging, relatively safer when it comes to one's privacy. Joining the funny memes and jokes targeting WhatsApp is now Telegram itself. Using the highly popular Coffin Dance video, they mocked WhatsApp's privacy policy in latest tweet. And social media users are loving this meme game.

As per the new privacy policy by the messaging app, it will share a user's data with Facebook. And as per the notification about the new privacy policy, if users do not accept the changes in its Terms of Service and privacy policy by February 8 or their accounts will be deleted. So some might users would have just accepted it, others are reluctant whether they should let the app control their user data. While the extensive plan maybe to merge WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram, people are considering switching to other alternative apps. Telegram which is a popular choice and a close rival is now mocking WhatsApp's privacy policy using the coffin dance meme template.

Check Telegram's Tweet on WhatsApp:

In the comments too, the app grilled WhatsApp, suggesting users to uninstall the app and switch to Telegram. Check some replies:

You Deserve Better

Reporting the Dead Body of WhatsApp

Clearly, the rival is now taking advantage of WhatsApp's weakness to promote themselves better. And it is the users who are having the most fun looking at their options to deal with the 'unwanted' privacy update.

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