Video of a traditional Kerala band recreating AR Rahman's Mukkala Muqabla from the 1994 Tamil movie Kadhalan has gone viral on social media platforms. While the song has been an evergreen hit, it just got a new version.Watch The Video Below:

A puppy which was recently rescued from freezing cold in Missouri is winning hearts on the internet. The little one has been named 'Magical Unicorn' as it has a tail growing from its head. The rare feature of the pup has it made quite popular on social media platforms.Watch The Video Below:

A video of an elephant waiting patiently to cross a busy street has gone viral on social media platforms. The clip was shared on Twitter by Parveen Kaswan IFS asking people to follow traffic rules.Watch The Video Below:

A South Carolina woman was stunned to see crazy cats' commotion inside her car. The energetic bunch of felines can be seen backflipped, ran and bounced their way around the vehicle before finally scattering.Watch Viral Video:

The Italian canal city, Venice is hit by highest tide in 50 years. Pictures and videos show the city submerged in floodwaters as the water level reached to 187 cm, highest since 1966. Two people reportedly died. Read the full story here.See Pics and Videos:

Venice Submerged in Floodwaters:St. Mark's Square:

A recent video has captured the rough moment between two birds who locked its beak and fighting on a sidewalk reportedly in Manhattan, NYC. The street fight continued, before a third bird swooped in to break the brawl.Watch Viral Video:

A video has been shared online which shows how much people love loading on free stuff. When a truck carrying fish toppled over in Kanpur, locals rushed with whatever they had to collect and carry the fish home. Read the entire story here.Watch the video here:

The internet is full of funny videos that keep coming up every few days. A certain video of a Desi couple dancing and romancing in a field is amusing everyone. The video has even caught the attention of Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon and even she was too happy to see the actually funny video.Watch the Video Here:

November 13 marks the celebration of World Kindness Day, a day that essentially promotes being kind to anyone and everyone. On this day, people are sharing messages and images to pass on the greetings.Check some tweets:

Video of a little girl complaining and cribbing about the fact that she has to go to school every day is going viral on social media. Read the whole story here.Watch Video:

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November 13 marks the celebration of World Kindness Day. It is a day that essentially promotes the act of kindness and to promote good values. So people are likely to share quotes, images and messages of kindness online. We will try and get you some of it that trend online.

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