Uber App Shows 'Walking Buddy' Option Among Rides to Choose, Company Replies After Pic Goes Viral
Uber app walking buddy (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Would you like some company to walk with while you are on your way to reaching somewhere? Like, instead of a cab or a carpool option, one can take a "walking buddy". Sounds weird right? Well, that is what everyone is wondering after a funny picture of a Uber app screenshot came up on social media. While the option is definitely not real, it has confused some. The screenshot shared by Twitter user @JReneex shows a "walking buddy" an option for $7.50 to reach La Guardia airport. Now Uber has also taken in stride and responded to the fake picture. New York Woman's Uber Shows Helicopter as The Cheapest Option to Reach JFK Airport and Netizens Want Her to Take The Ride!

Twitter user @JReneex posted a screenshot of Uber app which shows UberX, Uber Pool and a "walking buddy" option in choosing the rides. While the cars are of course expensive, the walking buddy is priced at $7.50 and shows a guy and a girl holding hand! The picture has got over 2 lakh likes and 68,000 retweets within a day. The viral tweet has got some of the funniest reactions while some people actually wondered what it meant. And even Uber decided to join in the fun.

Check The Viral Pic of Uber App Here:

Here's How Twitterati Reacted:

Buddy Could be a Kidnapper! 

Someone's Ready to Apply too!

Will The Walking Buddy Help?

Ya Why?

How Does This Work?

This Gets Funnier

As the replies got funnier and some people had genuine doubts if this is real, Uber decided to join in the fun.

Check Uber's Reply:

Well, let us tell you it is not a real option. It is more likely an edited picture. So do not be confused about the new walking buddy option.