Unique Cricket Match at Varanasi! Players Dressed in Dhoti Kurta And Sanskrit Commentary Goes Viral (Watch Video)
Varanasi Cricket match (Photo Credits: ANI)

A cricket tournament held in Uttar Pradesh is garnering eyeballs for being quite unique. All the male players were dressed in traditional dhoti kurta and the commentatory was in Sanskrit! The match which was hosted in Varanasi saw students of different schools in participation. Players running barefoot with tripund on their forehands was quite a crowd puller.

And it was not just the players who sported orange dhoti and kurta, but commentators and the on-field umpires too. The commentators were professors of the university well versed in the Sanskrit language. They commented on every single ball not missing any detail, everything in Sanskrit, much to the amuse of the audience. And the public looked thrilled watching the one of a kind cricket match. Something worth noting is the ease with which players ran despite wearing a dhotiUP CM Yogi Adityanath Inaugurates Luxurious Cruise in Varanasi.

The match was a part of silver jubilee celebrations of Varanasi's Sampurnanand Sanskrit University. In the tournament, a total of five teams participated. Officiating umpires of the matches Dhiraj Mishra and Sanjeev Tiwari were former Ranji players.

Watch the video from the cricket tournament in Uttar Pradesh below:

Ganesh Dutt Shastri, a teacher of a Sanskrit-medium school in the city told ANI that the tournament is being held to encourage students to take up sports. He said, "All Sanskrit schools across Varanasi are participating in the tournament. There are five teams in the contest and all the students are wearing dhoti and kurta. The Sanskrit commentary is being delivered by Shresht Narayan Mishra and Dr Vikas Dixit."