Mumbai, June 19: Apple was sued by a middle-aged businessman based in England, asking compensation to the tech giant about his multi-billion dollar divorce. Being under the impression that "deleted messages" would be gone forever, he chatted with sex workers using Apple's iMessage. These messages were synched across all the linked Apple devices and seen by his wife. Later, his wife filed a divorce in the court, causing him to lose £5 million. 

According to reports, this man from England filed a lawsuit against Apple for recovering his £5 million spent on divorce and legal fees. The middle-aged man, Richard, accused Apple of failing to inform its users that the "deleted messages" could be recovered and accessible later across the linked devices. He reportedly said that the tech company should have given a cue whether the "messages deleted on this device only". Modern Family's Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet Reunite for New WhatsApp Ad (Watch Video).

Richard believed that the messages sent to the sex workers would be permanently gone after he deleted them. However, these messages were synced across iMac and stored there all this time, leading his wife to discover them and file for a divorce. According to reports, he said, "We had been very happily married for over 20 years", and later emphasised that his "superb marriage" suffered over something that most men and women do. 

The man compared this situation with his friends who had been in affairs yet remained married. However, he said that this entire situation made him suffer financially and affected his health. He added that he had been on "beta blockers", medicines that reduce blood pressure, in the hope of reducing panic attacks. He also confirmed that he thought he was having a heart attack as divorce had been a stressful process. He said such a thing would affect children and family dynamics. Nvidia Overtakes Microsoft and Apple, Secures Top Spot As ‘Most Valuable Company in World’; Check Details.

Richard's lawyer, Simon Walton, stated that Apple had not been clear with the users about deleted messages. He further added that the deleted messages were found on the linked devices, and Apple did not tell its users about this. He also said that he would like to hear from other Apple customers who had the same experience with the same issue.

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