Mumbai, January 26: After Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that he is working on Artificial General Intelligence or AGI, many might have thought about the potential uses of the technology. Termed as "strong AI", "Human-level AI", or "holy grain of AI", the AGI could reportedly offer revolutionary advancement. The race for AI has already begun, as many tech giants have announced their products and services with the advanced technology.

A week ago, Mark Zuckerberg broke the silence about Meta's involvement in developing and training models for Artificial General Intelligence sparking excitement in the tech community. According to the latest report by Bloomberg, AGIs can perform most tasks well or better than humans. However, the report mentioned that the Meta joined the industry's "high-stakes and poorly-defined" pursuit. It also highlighted that the ChatGPT-developer OpenAI also made Artificial General Intelligence its central mission, with CEO Sam Altman saying it to be the "most powerful technology humanity has yet invented". Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg Confirms Developing 'Artificial General Intelligence', Says People Will Use Smart Glasses in Future To Interact With AI on Daily Basis.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg Announced To Be Working on AGI:


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As per the report, AGI has been put on the front page by Google's DeepMind since 2010 as well, according to Shane Legg, co-founder and chief AGI scientist of the company. The report said that AGI can do complex tasks with "little human involvement". Despite many definitions of Artificial General Intelligence out there, none are rigorous, said the an expert in the report. 

The Bloomberg report further said that the concept of AGI goes back to 1965 when the concept was not called by its current "AGI or Artificial General Intelligence" name. Back then, Herbert Simon predicted that machines could do human tasks 20 years later, although it did not happen. The ideas of the pioneering AI researchers have resurfaced under the term Artificial General Intelligence. 

From translating languages to drafting different documents and developing a personal understanding of the user, AI models have been developed by many tech leaders to be made more productive and friendly to humans. The OpenAI and Google have led the charge, and others have followed. Despite understanding among the experts, there is no particular clarity about the term "AGI or Artificial General Intelligence". Meta Announces ‘Stricter Private Messaging Setting for Teens’ on Instagram and Facebook, Aims To Protect Teens From Unwanted Contact.

As per the report, the tech leaders said the technology will arrive within five to 10 years. The report said that the OpenAI's GPT-4 showed some "sparks" of AGI but not quite. The Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company has been building "an absolutely massive amount of infrastructure" to support his Artificial General Intelligence project.

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