SpaceX CEO Tesla who has also ventured into neurosciences with Neuralink gave the public, a view of how a chip in the brain will function. In today's event, Musk unveiled pigs that have been implanted with the brain chip. One of them named Gertrude who had the implant for two months demonstrated how it works recording the signals to her brain, connected to her snout. The larger aim of this experiment is to connect human brains to a machine. How will this Artificial Intelligence technology benefit humans? There are more than one benefits to this big tech plan. Read on to know what all does this brain chip do.

To put it in the exact words of Musk, he called this device " like a Fitbit in your skull." It is a coin-sized computer chip attached with tiny wires which will monitor the brain neurons. It will link humans with artificial intelligence. The technology has a module that sits outside the head, behind the ear, and receives information from "threads" embedded in the brain.  It will allow a direct connection of the human brain with a computer or a smartphone. After describing the pigs under trial as happy and healthy, human trials are likely to start by the end of the year. We list down the possible said benefits of this chip for humans.

Benefits of Neuralink's Brain Chip

  • This chip will allow people to listen to music and also the sounds they haven't heard before. The wireless chip can read, transmit high-volume data and amplify signals from the brain.
  • It will also help in solving brain-related disorders.
  • Musk also said that chip can control the hormone levels thus it can help in controlling anxiety among other things.
  • Extending on the same, it will help in relieving emotional tension. The chip will have more control and better reasoning skills for a reason.
  • The company also said that it could help in restoring limb function, improving eyesight and hearing.
  • Further developments are also focused on improving conditions like memory loss, blindness and paralysis.
  • There is a hope that it will help in a way to find a cure to neurological conditions such as Alzheimer's, dementia and spinal cord injuries.
  • It is also said that with direct connect of human brain to technology/machine, it will try to analyze the problems like body pain and headaches better.
  • The data gathered will be available for streaming and use for understanding the human brain better.

So these are some of the benefits among the many other minor details that this brain chip will help with. The highlight remains connecting the human brain to AI. To put in Musk's words again, the implant would “secure humanity’s future as a civilization relative to AI." Scientists have been using brain implant technology for years, so it is not the first time we hear of this. Meanwhile, Musk is looking for hiring and expanding people in the team to process this further.

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