San Francisco, January 5: Google is reportedly working on an advanced version of its AI chatbot called Bard that will be available via a paid subscription. Called “Bard Advanced”, the upgraded version of ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot rival is apparently powered by Gemini Ultra, Google’s new large language model (LLM).

Developer Dylan Roussel first spotted the upgraded Bard version and posted on X that ‘Bard Advanced’ will be available with paid subscription on Google One. “Google will allow you to get 3 months of ‘Bard Advanced’ on them, through Google One. Bard Advanced will use Gemini Ultra,” he posted late on Thursday. India Tech Startup 2023: Despite Facing Global Challenges, India Remains Third Largest Tech Startup Ecosystem, With Over 950 Startup Founded Last Year, Says Report.

While the feature is not yet finished, it should allow you to "Explore different topics to see what you can do with Bard." ‘Bard Advanced’ is a “more capable large language model with advanced math and reasoning skills.” Developer Bedros Pamboukian also found that Google is working on an “advanced” tier.

Last month, Google announced to make its LLM Gemini Pro available for developers and enterprises to help them build their own use cases for advanced tasks. The company also introduced Google AI Studio, a free, web-based developer tool that enables them to quickly develop prompts and then get an API key to use in their app development. Microsoft Rebrands Its Edge Browser on iOS and Android to ‘Microsoft Edge: AI Browser’, Offers Built-In Copilot To Enhance Browsing Experience.

Right now, developers have free access to Gemini Pro and Gemini Pro Vision through Google AI Studio, with up to 60 requests per minute, making it suitable for most app development needs. “Early next year, we’ll launch Gemini Ultra, our largest and most capable model for highly complex tasks, after further fine-tuning, safety testing and gathering valuable feedback from partners. We’ll also bring Gemini to more of our developer platforms like Chrome and Firebase,” said Google.

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