Mumbai, December 22: Microsoft Corporation plans to shut down its Windows 10 operating system support by October 2025. Microsoft's decision will reportedly result in the disposal of millions of personal computers (PCs). The reports say that it would potentially add to the landfill waste. Windows 10 was released in July 2015, and since then, it has been used by many computer and laptop owners. 

According to the report by Reuters, Microsoft ending support of Windows 10 will result in electronic waste - an estimated 480 million kilograms due to these PCs. The report further mentioned that the waste is equivalent to 320,000 cars. Microsoft's decision to end support for Windows 10 has still nearly two years to go. However, the demand for the devices using Windows 10 could be low after this news. Apple Confirms To Permanently Shut Down USA-Based ‘Infinite Loop Store’ in Cupertino and ‘Royal Hawaiian Store’ in Honolulu From January 20.

Microsoft To End Support for Windows from October 2025:

According to Reuters's report, Microsoft "announced a plan to provide security updates for Windows 10 devices until October 2028." However, the company will reportedly charge an annual price for security updates. After ending the support, Microsoft still needs to disclose the annual price for Windows 10. Even after Microsoft ends supporting Windows 10, many PCs will still use the operating system for years, but the demand for such devices will likely take a hit. 

The report by Reuters further stated that after discontinuing the Windows 10 OS in October 2025, the tech giant may bring more advanced AI technology to future Personal Computers and devices. In 2023, countries will take several initiatives to make AI mainstream. Unlike before, the AI market has entered the competition with the introduction of Grok AI, Gemini AI, and AI-powered processors. Microsoft's AI-powered OS could boost the sluggish PC market and offer next-generation features for customers. GTA 6 Leaks: 18-Years-Old Hacker Arion Kurtaj From International Gang ‘Lapsus$’ Hacks Rockstar Games and Releases Game’s Clips, Sentenced for Life in Secure Hospital.

As per the Reuters's report, the material used in PCs and data storage servers is recycled and used in EV motors and for renewable power generation. Discontinuing the support for Windows 10 could also result in recycling the hardware and materials for wind turbines and meeting the global electricity demands.

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