New Delhi, July 12: A visual celestial treat awaits the sky gazers with Venus, Mars and the moon forming a 'triple conjunction' in the night sky on Monday night. Icing of the cake- the beautiful celestial conjuncture will be visible to naked eyes. A 'conjunction' occurs when at least two celestial bodies appear to be very close to each other, however in reality they are far away. In this particular case, two planets, Venus and Mars, and the young crescent moon will align with each other appearing to be very close to each other in the night sky. Saturn, Jupiter and Moon Form a Celestial Triangle in Night Sky Ahead of The Conjuction, View Beautiful Pics.

According to the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, both the planets - Venus and Mars- are passing close to each other in and will be only 0.5 degrees on July 13. This planetary conjunction is a sure shot treat for the sky gazers, astronomy enthusiasts and all people who like to look into the depths of the sky and admire its beauty. Scroll down to know how and when to watch the beautiful celestial phenomenon. Jupiter-Saturn Winter Solstice Great Conjunction 2020 Photos: Netizens Share Beautiful Pictures of Rare Christmas Star Gracing The Night Sky! 

When To Watch The Conjunction?

The conjunction can be viewed in the evening sky on July 11, July 12 and July 13. Following which, Mars and Venus will start to move farther apart from each other. On July 12, the young moon will get within the 4 degrees of the two planets while on July 13 Venus and Mars will be just 0.5 degrees away from each other.

Where & How To Watch The Conjunction?

Since the conjunction is visible to naked eyes, viewing and enjoying the celestial beauty won't be a problem. As per the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, find a location that gives you a clear view of the western horizon, look in the sky during the evening to locate the parents coming together. The phenomenon will be visible till July 13.

LIVE Stream: Venus and Mars Meet in Twilight Sky in Rare Conjunction:

The beautiful celestial sight visible to the naked eyes has garnered a lot of attention around the world. In clear skies, the conjunction will be a treat to watch. A similar planetary conjecture was witnessed in December last year, when Jupiter and Saturn came closer and appeared to merge with each other in the night sky. The celestial event was dubbed as the 'Great Conjunction'.

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