The November night sky is a treat for all sky lovers or those who keenly love stargazing. More than seven planets are making an appearance throughout this month in the night sky. Besides, Leonid Meteor Shower took place a couple of days ago. Last night, Saturn, Jupiter and Moon formed a triangular formation and people have managed to capture it on their cameras. Ahead of the conjunction or an event where moon and planets share the same ascension, all three celestial bodies came in close proximity to form a neat triangle in the evening/night sky. Pictures of this sighting have been shared online by some people. 7 Planets to Be Visible in Night Sky of November 2020! Here's How to Watch Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus This Month.

This triangle was last evening, November 19, a little after the sunset hours. For those in Europe it was an almost perfect triangle, while North Americans may have seen an elongated view. Both Saturn and Jupiter are quiet bright in the night sky these days. You can spot it a little after sunset even today. For those who have seen the crescent lining up to form the triangular shape, they shared some pictures online for others to see. An exact similar conjunction forming a triangle was seen in June this year.

Check Pics of Jupiter, Saturn and Moon Forming a Triangle:


Can You See The Triangle?

Framed Together

Met Again


As you can see, the planets are clearly visible. If the skies are clear, watching these planets with naked eyes is very easy. You can trace them using a sky map application. If you do not want to miss out on this triangular appearance, watch the sky tonight a little after the sunset. In December, there's a rare conjunction of the two bright planets. On December 21, Jupiter and Saturn will be only 0.1 degrees apart.

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