The first Solar Eclipse for the Year 2022, will occur on Saturday, 30th of April. The astronomical event happens when the moon comes in between the Earth and Sun. Most of the solar eclipses take place on the new moon day. The upcoming Surya Grahan will begin at 12:15 pm on April 30th and will last till 4:07 am on 1st May. You might have heard people following up and adhering themselves to certain rules at the time of Grahan. According to Hindu beliefs, the Earth's atmosphere is contaminated during the eclipse and hence one should avoid performing some specific activities to prevent the deleterious effects of the Grahan. But, what is the truth behind these common warnings? Are they just myths or do they have some scientific basis? For all the astrophile, we have got you covered with Solar Eclipse 2022 Dos and Don'ts that you should definitely not ignore! When Is Solar Eclipse 2022 in April? Know the Date, Time and Visibility of Year's First Surya Grahan in India and Other Places Around The World.

Solar Eclipse 2022 Dos and Don'ts

1. Idols of God, Tulsi and Shami trees should not be touched during the Sutak time (inauspicious hour).

2. Pregnant women are advised to not step out of the house during the eclipse and take a cold water bath after the Sutak is over. This is to safeguard them from any harmful effects of the growth of microorganisms.

3. Refrain from looking at the sun directly with naked eyes during an eclipse as the results can be permanent eye damage; instead, use eclipse-certified glasses.

4. Buying land, properties or initiating any kind of Manglik or pious work is prohibited during Grahan.

5. Cooking and eating food during the eclipse period is both inauspicious and can be harmful to your health. The science behind the fact states that the absence of the ultraviolet rays from the sun which acts as a natural disinfectant may result in contamination of the food.

6. As per the scriptures after the salvation period of the Solar Eclipse is over people should take bath, wear new clothes and clean the house of God.

Along with these tips, from the start of the Solar Eclipse to the end time of the Eclipse, it's beneficial to do meditation, chant mantras, donate wheat jaggery to Brahmin, and offer water or milk mixed with saffron to Lord Shiva.

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