New Delhi, October 13: This October, the skies are poised to showcase a rare astronomical spectacle as an annular solar eclipse, known as Surya Grahan, graces the celestial stage. Believed to hold mystical significance by many, the solar eclipse marks an enchanting moment where the Moon traverses between the paths of Earth and the Sun, casting its shadow upon the vast expanse of the Sun. With four solar eclipses slated for this month, the forthcoming "Ring of Fire" solar eclipse on October 14, 2023, holds a particular fascination.

While this awe-inspiring phenomenon promises to be a visual treat, not everyone on Earth will have the privilege of witnessing it. This article delves into the intricacies of this celestial event, discussing its occurrence, visibility, and what to expect as the Moon dances between the Earth and the Sun. Solar Eclipse 2023: 'Ring of Fire' Eclipse to Dim US, Mexico and Other Parts of World on October 14, Know if India Will be Able to See Rare Celestial Event.

When Is Surya Grahan in India?

The solar eclipse, known as Surya Grahan in India, is scheduled for October 14, 2023. Unfortunately, for those residing in India, this celestial event won't be visible. The eclipse will commence at 11:29 PM (IST) on October 14, but the path of visibility does not encompass Indian territory. As it progresses, the eclipse is expected to reach its maximum point at 1:45 AM (IST), though it's important to note that this represents a solar eclipse that will not be viewable from within the country's borders. Solar Eclipse in October 2023 Date, Time and Where to Watch: Here's Everything to Know About Surya Grahan Occurring This Month.

How and Where To Watch Solar Eclipse 2023 in India

Although the Surya Grahan won't be visible in India, astronomy enthusiasts can still experience the cosmic spectacle. Reportedly, NASA will be live-streaming the event on its official YouTube channel, ensuring that viewers in India and across the globe can marvel at the extraordinary celestial display. The live stream is scheduled to begin at 11.30 am EDT (around 9 pm IST) and conclude at 1.15 pm EDT (around 10.45 pm IST).

Watch the Solar Eclipse Live on NASA's YouTube Channel 

What Is 'Ring of Fire' Effect?

The "Ring of Fire" effect, synonymous with the annular solar eclipse, is a captivating visual display where the Moon positions itself between the Earth and the Sun during the eclipse. This occurrence results in the appearance of a luminous band surrounding the silhouette of the Moon, thereby creating an enthralling celestial spectacle. The "Ring of Fire" effect is characterised by the Sun's partial visibility, as the Moon's alignment obstructs the central portion of the Sun, producing a remarkable visual display resembling a radiant ring encircling the Moon's shadow. While this mesmerising phenomenon holds immense allure for skywatchers, it is crucial to exercise caution and use appropriate viewing methods to protect one's eyesight during the solar eclipse event.

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