New Delhi, June 19: Snapchat owner Snap Inc. has launched its latest advancements in the field of augmented reality (AR) technology. The company has launched a suite of AI tools that will allow users to experience more realistic and advanced special effects when filming themselves using their phone cameras. Snap has released its newest version of generative AI technology.

As per a report of Reuters, Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, has launched its latest version of generative AI technology. The new technology will enable Snapchat users to see more natural and realistic special effects, known as "lenses" when capturing content on the platform. The company has been influential in the field of augmented reality, which integrates digital elements into real-world images and videos. Facebook Messenger Announces New Large File Sharing Feature To Allow Users To Send Files up to 100MB Directly From Phones; Know How To Access It.

Snapchat also introduced an upgraded Lens Studio, a program for developers and artists. It will help them to create augmented reality features for Snapchat and also for other websites and apps. Bobby Murphy, Snap's chief technology officer, stated that the improved Lens Studio will shorten the time needed to create AR effects from weeks to hours and enable the creation of more detailed designs.

He also highlighted that Snap also intends to develop augmented reality (AR) experiences that encompass the entire body, not just the face. The development will include generating new outfits, a task that is currently quite challenging. Additionally, AR developers can now make AI-powered lenses that Snapchat users can use in their posts. PS6 Gaming Console Leaks and Rumours Hints Expected Price, Specifications, Features and Release Date; Check Details.

Lens Studio Features

Lens Studio has introduced new AI tools designed to assist developers. One of these tools includes an AI assistant that can provide answers to questions developers may have while working. Additionally, another tool enables artists to input a description, and it automatically creates a 3D image that can be directly used in their AR lens. This feature eliminates the need for artists to manually create 3D models from the beginning.

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