Colorado Runner Kills Mountain Lion with his Bare Hands After it Attacks Him
Mountain Lion (Photo Credits: Unsplash)

In Colorado, a mountain lion attacked a man on Monday that resulted in the animal's death. The runner fought the big cat with a rock choking it to death. The man fought the wild animal killing it. According to the state wildlife officials, the lion died after being embroiled in a fight with the man. The identity of the runner who is in his 30s has not been released yet.

The man was treated for injuries including facial bite wounds and lacerations caused to his body. He was released from the hospital on Tuesday morning and is expected to make full recovery.  Reportedly, the victim was attacked during his run from behind on West Ridge Trail in the Larimer County foothills. Rebecca Ferrell, a spokeswoman for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, called the incident "crazy but true." Rajasthan: 40-Year-Old Woman Mauled to Death by Tiger in Sawai Madhopur.

The lion scratched the man on his face and wrist leaving him injured. He then slammed a rock on the animal's head, jumped on its head and choked it to death. Ferrell said that wildlife officers looked for the trail where the runner detailed the incident happened and found a dead mountain lion.

Reportedly, the animal that weighed 36 kg is less than a year old. As the news spread, the location drew large groups of crowds. Wildlife officials eventually had to block the site. The identity of the runner and details of the runner will be soon by authorities later this week. He will decide whether he wants to give complete information of the attack.

Ferrel said that runner did just like experts recommend during these kinds of encounters. They also say to stand back on your knees even if you are knocked down very badly, to look bigger than the animal. Also to use, any weapon that can found easily like a backpack or keys. However, this man found a rock nearby and used it. Mountain lions generally avoid humans and hence attacks caused by them are rare. As per reports, in more than 100 years, fewer than 20 people were killed by mountain Lion in North America. Mountain lions which have a strong population in Colorado, since 1990, 16 people have been injured by their attack.