New Delhi, May 10: Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia on Tuesday said a three-member team under the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) will conduct a fact-finding enquiry and collect the evidence within a week from today into the IndiGo barring a specially-abled child from boarding a flight incident. The Civil Aviation Minister said that the team will visit Ranchi and Hyderabad to collect appropriate evidence within one week.

"Keeping the sensitive nature of the incident in mind, we have decided to conduct a fact-finding enquiry by a 3-member team under the DGCA. They will visit Ranchi and Hyderabad (place of stay of the family), and collect appropriate evidence within one week from today," Scindia said in a tweet. Scindia had also expressed displeasure towards IndiGo and advised the authority to investigate the matter thoroughly and said there is a zero-tolerance for such discriminatory behaviour. Specially-Abled Teen Barred from Boarding Flight: IndiGo CEO Ronojoy Dutta Regrets Airline’s Decision, Offers To Buy Electric Wheelchair.

DGCA took serious note of the incident wherein a viral video shows the airline staff arguing with the family where a specially-abled child was denied boarding. Meanwhile, IndiGo submitted the report to DGCA regarding denied boarding of a specially-abled child and the regulators have ordered detailed investigations against the airline company.

"In the case involving denied boarding to a child at Ranchi Airport. We have received a report from the concerned Airline," said DGCA. IndiGo barred boarding a specially-abled child on Saturday at the Ranchi airport as IndiGo staff reported that, the "child was in a state of panic during boarding," an airlines official told ANI. NCPCR Seeks FIR Against IndiGo for Barring Specially-Abled Child from Boarding Flight.

On the other side, IndiGo's whole-time director Ronojoy Dutta expressed regret and decided to offer an electric wheelchair to the specially-abled child.

"We recognize too well that parents who dedicate their lives to the caring of physically challenged persons are the true heroes of our society. We offer our sincere regrets to the affected family for the unfortunate experience and as a small token of our appreciation of their lifelong dedication would like to offer to purchase an electric wheelchair for their son," IndiGo said in a statement.

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