[Exlcusive] Adah Sharma: 'I Think I Am Born for Romance'
Adah Sharma (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Adah Sharma has made quite a few headlines during the lockdown. She featured in a comical short film, Tindey - a light-hearted take on the dating app romances. Plus, her Ted Talk was a rage on the internet. In a conversation with LatestLY, she opened up and said that she is at home, doing everything that everyone else is also doing. "People should get out of the lockdown more grateful and not take things for granted. Become a better human being," she says. Adah is extremely happy about the "unanimously good response" that Tindey has received. "It is a very sweet film, and I am very happy that people are liking it," she says.

In Tindey, Adah's character strikes up a 'romance' with a married man on a dating app. Both have ulterior motives. She says she was a little sceptical about the film. "Emotional cheating is also cheating, I would like to think that," she says, adding, "Nobody said anything bad. And every time I do something different, people are happy. "

Talking about her personal run-in with a dating app, she says, "To each his own, but I have never been on a dating app, so I can't endorse it. I think it is not for someone like me. If it works for someone else, then okay."

She further explains her ideal love story which "would be a DDLJ mixed with My Best Friend's Wedding mixed with a bit of Ratatouille, because the guy needs to be able to cook."

Watch Adah's Tindey Here:

Recently, the actress was seen in the action film, Commando 3, reprising her role of Bhavna Reddy - a smart mouth and deadly inspector, alongside Vidyut Jammwal.

When we met Vidyut at the film's success interviews, we asked him if there should be a spin-off about Reddy. The action star was pretty excited about it. Adah adds, "Bhavna Reddy is funny, and a lot of women in movies are not considered to be funny. For humour, they are the butt of jokes. But Bhavna is the one who is sarcastic and is the one who makes fun of guys. She is also crazy,"

She adds, "Usually, a leading lady in an action franchise is arm candy or a damsel in distress. But it paid off to do something different. People will really enjoy a spin-off film on Bhavna Reddy."

You'd think it must be tough for Adah to pick between a romantic comedy like Tindey or an actioner like Commando 3. But she ascertains, "I think I am born for romance. The film I feel I was utilised the most were the Telugu films, Heart Attack and Kshanam. I feel I am born for that."

"I love being an all-rounder. I am fortunate to have had the chance to do all of it - action, comedy, drama. But for me, romance is my favourite," she adds.

Adah made her debut with the hit horror film, 1920, in the year 2008. She has come a long way but still has a long way to go. "Driven is my state of mind in whatever I am going. Even if I am playing the piano. I want to do better tomorrow. That's the kind of person," she says. Adah Sharma Special: Signature Eccentricity and a Whimsical Nonchalance, This Sassy Girl’s Fashion Arsenal Isn’t Everyone’s Cup of Tea!

Ask her if she's content with her journey and she says no. "Because I have only utilised the opportunities I have received. I have gotten the chance to showcase only 2 percent of what I am capable of doing. Hopefully, I am able to do everything in this lifetime and don't have to be reborn like Shah Rukh Khan in Om Shanti Om," she adds.

She further says, "But I think I also have been really fortunate for someone like me who doesn't know anyone in the film industry. I am not social, I am awkward at parties and talking to people. I have been very fortunate that people have trusted me."

Her future projects include "There is Commando 4, The Holiday season 2  - which we were supposed to shoot in Mexico, and there is a Man to Man - where I play a trans woman and it is a proper love story. "

Talking about her reason to do Man To Man, she says "Every time I do something different people love It. This is something I have not done before, no one has done before. I took the risk. It has worked with Commando."

She adds that she wanted to make a difference: "That is another reason I picked Man to Man. When I announced it, I got so many messages, from the community. Many told me that when people see Adah Sharma is playing someone who is a transgender, then it will make a difference."