Madam Chief Minister is the newly released film starring Richa Chadha in the lead. It also features Saurabh Shukla and Manav Kaul in a key role. When the makers had released one of the posters of the film featuring the three actors, featuring the lead star holding a broom, with the tagline that read, ‘Untouchable, Unstoppable’, it received backlash from a section of netizens for portraying Dalit community in a stereotypical way. Richa has shared a post on social media and expressed her views about her role in the film and also reacted to the poster controversy. Madam Chief Minister: Richa Chadha Catches Up With the Instagram Trend, Reacts to the Backlash With an Amusing Reel!

Richa Chadha wrote, “Here, some thoughts on the representation debate, from my limited, self-admittedly privileged understanding. The anger is completely understandable, especially with the poster et al. I get it. I understand this anger. But as is often the case with anger, it is in fact misdirected since I am not the sole creator of this film. Hundreds if not thousands of people have worked on it. I can’t undo historical caste injustices, or brutalisation dating back thousands of years.” “I have attempted to play this part with dignity, honesty and empathy. As that was frankly the only thing in my control,” the actress mentioned. Madam Chief Minister Movie Review: Richa Chadha’s Political Drama Has Surprises in Plenty but Not Powerful Enough.

Richa Chadha ‘Parting Thoughts On #MadamChiefMinister And #Representation’

After reading Richa Chadha’s note, there are several who have lauded her for voicing her opinion and for being bold despite receiving backlash. Nawab Satap Tanwar, founder of Akhil Bhartiya Bhim Sena, had given open threat to the actress over the poster. He had stated that he would reward the person who chops off the actress’ tongue. The makers had pulled down the particular poster but that had not stopped a few social media users from slamming the actress.

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