With an amazing body and energy,  Priyanka Chopra is undoubtedly one of the best actresses both in Bollywood and Hollywood. Even though she is a huge fan of pizza, burgers, wings and even donuts, she knows how to balance it all out and maintain a good diet and a fit body.

The actress tried to be a vegetarian for a while, but she could not sustain it for a longer time period, and therefore, she eats as healthy as she can, as often as she can with whatever foods are available at the time. PeeCee believes keeping a strict diet is very restrictive and it leaves her insecure about her body. Hence, she focuses on lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and lean proteins and tries to avoid processed and junk food.

Her day starts with a large cup of coffee to wake her up. When in India, Desi Girl prefers dosa or idli for the breakfast. Otherwise, avocado toast or a quick omelette is on the menu. She is not really a morning person, therefore, as soon as she has her coffee right, she might even skip the morning meal. Workout And Diet That Helps The Diva Maintain Her Fitness (Watch Video).

Just Wow!

The Exotic diva prefers having salads for lunch so as to keep herself active the rest of the day. The type of salad generally depends on where she is shooting. When in India, she has a perfect traditional lunch that includes seasonal veggies, dal, aloo gobi and a chapati.

On some days, Priyanka lets herself loose on cheeseburgers, pizza and buffalo wings, but when she is in a mood to cook, she loves some grilled chicken with seasonal veggies. When she is homesick, she incorporates tons of spice-heavy dishes that include lentils, beans and high protein and high fibre ingredients. Along with keeping a good balance between what she loves to eat and what she needs to eat, she makes sure she is well hydrated and drinks at least ten cups of water or more.

Priyanka considers exercise as a way to relax and help her body feel like it's working at its best. She tries to work out a minimum of four days a week. In the gym, she starts with 15-20 mins jog on the treadmill with a cardio or HIIT routine. She is a big fan of spinning classes though. The main strength exercises included in her HIIT routines are push-ups, reverse lunges, reverse crunches, bicep curls and plank.

And She Loves Food

"I have great Indian genes!" she told E! online. "You know I'm lazy. I want to take advantage of the fact that I have a great metabolism. When i start getting (bigger) I'll work on it! I like food, and I don't like the gym, and as long as I look like this without doing anything, why bother?"

Yoga is a regular routine for the actress and she targets the moves which help her lengthen the back muscles, thus, helping her build her core strength. Her favourite Yoga poses are Tree Pose, Warrior Pose and Half Lord of the Fishes pose.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas enjoys whatever she eats and makes sure she balances it out with her workout and other meals. She believes that we must listen to our body and never exert too much with the workouts or be very restrictive with a strict diet.

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