Avengers Endgame: Brie Larson AKA Captain Marvel Jokingly Snaps Back at Thor Star Chris Hemsworth And All We Have to Say Is 'You Go Girl'
Chris Hemsworth and Brie Larson. (Photo Credits: Getty)

Brie Larson came out as the fiery superhero, donning a sexy look and giving the super-villains a hard fight, in and as Captain Marvel. Now, as the anticipation and wait for the fourth Avengers movie - Avengers: Endgame, nears to an end, fans are rooting for every remaining superhero to bring back the lost heroes. The trailer and Captain Marvel film revealed that Carol Danvers will have an important role to avenge the lost superheroes. Recently, Brie received many praises for apparently putting Thor star Chris Hemsworth in his place after he compared her to a man. However, in reality, Brie was just showing why she is utterly insufferable. Avengers EndGame: Robert Downey Jr the Only Marvel Star to Get the Full Script, Reveal Russo Brothers, and We Are Hardly Surprised by That!

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Thor actor was asked if he could do a handstand for 5 seconds and Chris eventually confessed that he does not get hurt because he doesn’t do his own stunt. “But now I’ve told you, it doesn’t make me look cool, does it?” Chris joked.

Brie was surprised and immediately blurted, “No… So, you don’t do [your own stunts]?”

To this, Chris rolled his eyes and talked about actor Tom Cruise, who is popular for doing his own stunts. However, Brie snapped back. “No, I want to be the first me, not the next Tom Cruise, thank you very much,” she said.

Chris then said, “we all do stunts,” but joked that when he sees one in the script where he thinks he might die, he tells his stunt double: “You can do this.”

Brie Larson and Don Cheadle (War Machine), both laughed. Brie further added: “Very generous.” Road to Avengers EndGame: Explaining Why Thanos Was in a Hurry to Get the Stones in Infinity War After Waiting for 18 Movies!

Well, the banter was as entertaining as the rest of the MCU movies. Avengers: Endgame is all set to hit the theatres on April 26 and all eyes are eagerly waiting for the date to come.