Ramanand Sagar's Hindu mythology epic Ramayan has been re-airing on Doordarshan since March 28, 2020. And the re-run will always be memorable in so many ways for the audience as well as the actors of the show. While Arun Govil (Ram) Dipika Chikhlia (Sita) and Sunil Lahri (Laxman)  were a runaway hit with the masses, actor Arvind Trivedi, who played Lankapati Ravan, the bad guy, was also loved by the fans and enjoyed a fan following as big as Ram, Laxman and Sita's characters. And in a recent interaction with a news channel. Arvind Trivedi recalled what it was like in the 90s to shoot for a television show. Ramayan's Ravan, Arvind Trivedi Joins Twitter, Netizens Welcome Him By Trending '#RavanOnTwitter' (View Tweets).

Arvind Trivedi in a conversation with BBC spilt the beans on his days of playing Ravan and from going as Arvind Trivedi to becoming known to the world as Lankapati Ravan. A Gujarati theatre actor, Arvind revealed that he came to Mumbai from Gujrat, especially to audition for Ramayan, when he heard of Ramanand Sagar making the epic. However, he was destined to play Ravan and here's how. Arvind had auditioned for the role of Kevat, but when Ramanand Sagar saw his body language and attitude, he had proclaimed, "I found my Ravana." Ramayan's Original Ravan, Actor Arvind Trivedi, Apologises to Viewers After Watching 'Sita Apaharan' Episode of the DD National Show (Watch Video).

He also revealed that playing Ravan was more than just getting angry expressions and delivering powerful dialogues." Arvind said that it took him 5 hours to get into the get up of Ravan and begin his shoot. Well, you would too, if you had to wear a 10-kilo heavy crown, along with other jewellery and heavy clothes.

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He recalled, "Ramayan was shot at Umargam near the Gujarat-Maharashtra border. I always used to catch a train from Bombay and go to Umargam. I didn't even get a seat in the train, so I had to stand and go. But as the show progressed and people started noticing me, they would offer me a seat to sit in the train and ask what was going to happen next in the serial."

What the conversation also revealed was that Arvind is a Lord Ram bhakt in real life and playing Ravan was indeed a challenge for him. "I am a Ram devotee and a Shiva devotee even in real life, so whenever I went on shooting, I would fast for the whole day because I was sad with the script given. According to me, I have to say the opposite words directly to Shri Ram." Arun Govil and Sunil Lahri Look Strikingly Handsome in This BTS Picture From Their Ramayan Days and We Just Can't Stop Staring.

"I would fast for the whole day and worship Ram and Shiva before the shooting started and when the shooting was over, I would change clothes and open my fast at night. That was my routine during the shoot," revealed Arvind.

When quizzed on a special memory he had from their shoot days, Arvind revealed a last day anecdote. "On the day the last episode of the serial was being shot, thousands of people came to the set from the areas of Umargam and its surroundings. All of them cried a lot that day. That scene still roams before my eyes," concluded Arvind Trivedi. And We can only imagine.

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