Late in the night at 3 AM, Megha does her secret task and keeps lemon with chilli powder on it. She then sleeps besides Jasleen and tells her that someone pushed her when she was sleeping on her bed. 

Bigg Boss gives a secret task to Megha Dhade wherein he asks her to keep an egg with red powder on it and make the contestants believe that someone is doing dark magic on them and that there is a negative spirit lingering the house. 

Dipika wins the task and since she was playing for Sreesanth, he gets to come out of the jail. 

Before ending the day, Bigg boss gives the contestants a chance to save any one person from the jail. As part of the setup, three locked boxes are kept which have the key of the kaalkothri and there are ice slabs kept in the garden area, and each has a key hidden in them for the boxes. Romil is chosen to play for Sreesanth, Rohit for Deepak and Karanvir for Surbhi. Romil, Deepak and Karanvir have to sit on one ice slab with the box and have to convince the others to help their favourite contestant by breaking the other ice slab with a hammer and get the key out.  Jasleen is the sanchalak of this task.  Dipika and Megha choose to help Romil and Somi alone chooses to help Karanvir in order to get Surbhi out of jail. Rohit tries to convince everyone to help him but they are not budging.

Bigg Boss asks the contestants to decide three contenders of kaalkothri. After a heated argument, the housemates finally come to a conclusion on nominating three contenders for the Kalkothri. Agreeing on the names with a unanimous decision, Sreesanth, Deepak and Surbhi are locked up. But even in the jail Surbhi and Sreesanth keep bickering with each other.

Surbhi taunts Sreesanth further and says that he has collected his supporters thereby mocking Megha Dhade and Jasleen Matharu who are with Sreesanth in the powder room. Jasleen tells Surbhi that her supporters are useless and that is when Karanvir Bohra breaks his silence but to tell Jasleen to shut up as he thinks Jasleen taunted him. 

As Surbhi is continuing to provoke Sreesanth, he ends up calling her characterless and later indirectly compares her to prostitutes. This is when Dipika gets angry at Sreesanth and tells him that she will not support him if she says these things. Sreesanth tells her it's okay if she doesn't support her and she walks off saying, "I am done with you." 

Sreesanth goes up to Rohit Suchanti, who is working out in the gym and tells him that Surbhi should be ashamed of the things she said about him and Dipika, who were there with her when she was crying and missing her family. Rohit agrees with with Sreesanth and says that what Surbhi did was uncalled for. 

Soon Surbhi proves Romil right as she starts provoking Sreesanth and Dipika. She makes fun of Sreesanth's feud that he had with Harbhajan Singh on the cricket field many years back. Sreesanth gives it back to her, while maintaining his calm, which is surprising. She keeps calling him a quitter. 

The contestants wake up to the song, Khalnaayak Hai Tu. Somi Khan asks Romil Chaudhary, who is the khalnaayak of the day and he names Surbhi Rana. 

It’s been a week full of failures in the Bigg Boss house. Be it luxury budget task or the captaincy task, the contestants have failed in each of the tasks given to them resulting in cancellation of all the tasks possible. While, the house may not have any captain for this week but definitely three housemates will going inside the Kalkothri. The discussion started off with a lot of allegations and no one reserved their comments for another day. Bigg Boss 12: Srishty Rode Got This Gift From Rohit Suchanti When She Was Leaving The House.

Which contestants landed in the jail of the Bigg Boss house? And did Sreesanth and Surbhi Rana put a full stop to their argument? We will find out on tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 12. Stay on this page as we bring you all the LIVE updates of tonight's telecast of Bigg Boss 12 here.