Dus Ka Dum 3 Written Episode Update, August 19, 2018: Braun Strowman Stuns Salman Khan With a Single Dabangg Dialogue!
Picture Credit: Sony TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Dus Ka Dum 3 starts with Sonakshi Sinha taking the stage as the host as she welcomes Diana Penty and Salman Khan as her contestants for the day.

She has the famous Salman bracelet on her wrist which she terms as being 'khandhani'. She wants Salman to dance on a Bhojpuri song which the star nails. Now Salman retrieves his post and starts the game.

The question is about a childhood love affair, and Sonakshi says she had no chance of it. A picture of her chubby self is displayed. Diana is probed by the two curious people, but she does not reveal a thing and just smiles sweetly.

Next question leads to a discussion about the Indian favourite game 'chidya udd' while Diana and Salman are clueless, Sonakshi takes a personal offence over them not knowing. She teaches them the game.

Now a question does actually manage to make Salman shiver; it is about backing out from a marriage last moment. He said how his cards were also printed, but the girl backed out.

He says that if marriage is good then it should happen or else a bad marriage is not worth suffering through. Sonakshi shows her prowess with Badshah songs and its lyrics.

Then we have a very special guest onstage-Braun Strowman. He walks in attired and decked up in Indian style. He says he copied Salman and does some moves too. Then he talks about his diet which is Salman's diet for a week.

He also showcases his strength by bending a thawa with bare hands. Sonakshi and Diana test his muscles. Now Sonakshi tries teaching Strowman some of the Indian dance moves which he becomes a Pro at quite soon.

He then teaches the trio some of his moves too. Now Sonakshi talks about how she demanded a pair of shorts for raakhi once and promised she would never ask for anything else.

She says that she still has those shorts. Salman says he is scared of his little sister Arpita as she has huge demands for raakhi always. Sonakshi wins the knockout and goes to the super sawaal.