Ishqbaaz 11th July 2018 Written Update of Full Episode: Shivay Learns About Anika's Motive at Daksh And Priyanka's Engagement
Photo Credit: Star Plus/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Ishqbaaz starts with Anika(Surbhi Chandna) dropping the rings at the feet of the idol. She prays for forgiveness for stealing the rings and ask God to help her to break this wedding. She turns to see Shivay( Nakuul Mehta) right behind her.

Shivay is again struck by her weird behaviour. Om and Ru are amused to see Shivay dodge all the hugs that come his way during the function. They tell Tia about it and show her a demo.

They try to hug Shivay, but he scolds them. Om explains that Shivay does not like hugging or being hugged, so Tia is going to miss out on this post their wedding.

Tia walks away as she lightly asks them not to tease Shivay. Rudra tells Om that he thought Tia would be furious and upset, but she had a very casual reaction.

Om hopes that Tia will teach Shivay to love. Shivay bumps into Anika, and she stumbles to fall. Shivay holds her, and they accidentally hug. Shivay breaks free, and Anika walks away.

Om and Rudra are surprised about this, but Om decides to talk to Shivay about this later. Dadi calls them for the engagement but finds the rings missing. Shivay decides to search and checks in his cupboard.

He finds it nowhere. Later he sees Anika smile and realises what happened. He promises that the engagement will happen in the muhurath and he confronts Anika.

Anika tries to tell him that she is doing this for Priyanka. Shivay says that he knows it was she who made Daksh ill, also she was the one who emptied the petrol and now she has stolen the rings.

Shivay says that this is his last warning to her. As he walks off Daksh walks in, and he taunts Anika saying he knows she is interested in him and that is why she is trying to disrupt his wedding.

Anika finally gives it back to him and says he cannot misbehave with her anymore or else she would thrash him. The engagement takes place as Shivay found the rings by looking at the CCTV feed. Later he walks off to meet Anika deciding to make her leave the house.

There Gauri is hosting Nikhil and family who are there to fix the wedding with Anika. Shivay walks in and is updated about this by Sahil's mother. Shivay looks on shocked as Gauri offers him, sweets.