Qayamat Ki Raat Written Episode Update, August 11, 2018: Dharam Confesses His Love For Gauri
Photo Credit: Star Plus/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Qayamat Ki Raat starts with Raj(Vivek Dahiya) charging away after he lashes out at Gauri(Karishma Tanna) for believing in superstitions. Raj drives away, and Gauri runs after him crying.

Dharam follows Gauri and sees her crying. He asks her why she has tears for Raj now instead of the usual anger. He asks her if she is in love with Raj. Gauri is shocked at the idea, and Dharam makes her realise that since she is not denying this and she has so much of feelings for him, it would just mean that she is in love.

Dharam then tells Gauri that Raj does not reciprocate her love. Dharam then goes on to confess his own feelings and says that he loves Gauri and will believe anything she tells him, unlike Raj.

Gauri is taken aback by this and tells Dharam that there has been a misunderstanding and that she does not feel anything other than friendship for him.

She tells Dharam to refrain from meeting her so that there would be no pain attached. Now Gauri walks to find Raj as Raj too is thinking about Gauri. Kalasur watches them through his portal and is worried that the two are slowly falling for each other.

Kalasur wants Gauri for himself. He asks Karuna to go and finish her job of separating Raj and Gauri. Karuna sees Gauri's painting and asks Kalasur about it, but he hits her away and says she has no business knowing.

Gauri finds herself in Sumergarh, and a woman directs her to the purani haveli. Gauri walks to it. Kalasur is scared that she might walk into the haveli and know the truth.

He tries to stop Gauri, but she walks on braving all odds. Finally, she reaches the haveli. Raj reaches the hospital and knows that Ananya is now fine. He walks in to talk to her, but Ananya will not reveal Karuna's truth now.

Ananya fears that Karuna has changed shapes to test her. Raj wonders why Gauri is lying when Ananya herself refuses to acknowledge any of the happenings.

Gauri searches around in the house but finds nothing. She hears a sound and follows it, but Kalasur arrives there to stop her. Kalasur throws her around as she challenges him to kill her.

Gauri almost arrives at the door, but Kalasur turns the door into a brick wall and says that he himself will take her inside when she out of free will comes to him. Karuna meets Raj and convinces him that she alone and that she is so desperate without Aman that she would die.

Gauri sees her painting outside and is confused. She shows it to Dharam, and he tells her that he would help her. Gauri makes Dharam promise that he is just a friend to her.