Salman Khan Is Bigg Boss, Says Ex-Contestant Puneesh Sharma

Salman Khan returns as the host for Bigg Boss for the 12th season. On so many occasions he has said that he won't be returning for the next season, but eventually, he does. Well, for Puneesh Sharma - ex-contestant from season 11 - Salman is the Bigg Boss himself. In a recent interview, talking about the soon-to-premiere new season, Puneesh was quite in a talkative mood. He went on to say that the theme of the new season is inspired by his jodi with Bandgi Kalra from season 10. We hope to God he is only joking and doesn't actually believes in that. Bigg Boss 12 Outhouse Taala Khol LIVE Updates: Salman Khan Invites You to Watch the First Fight of the Show.

In the interview, for The Indian Express, when asked to give a message for Salman, Puneesh said, "Salman bhaiiiii… for me, Salman Khan is Bigg Boss." Bigg Boss 12: Salman Khan’s Introductory Dance Performance Has a Priyanka Chopra Connection – Watch Video.

Talking about the new theme, "vichitra jodi", of the new season, he said, "It seems like they have taken inspiration from us and tried to put many Puneesh and Bandgi together. But as I said, they wouldn’t find anyone like us."

Further, the ex-contestant also gave the new contestants a few tips to survive the show. Well, he did survive the show for the longest amongst the commoners, making his tips valuable. "First tip would be not to disrespect Salman bhai. He has seen life better than us and has been hosting the show since many years, so he knows it all well. Also, Bigg Boss is a family to him too because he also follows the show," he said.

He added, "Keep in mind that you are on a television show. So, keep entertaining the audience."

We can only wish that contestants remember the aforementioned tip and this season doesn't become a dud like a season 8. Well, it will be tough to top the awesomeness of the previous season, but there is always hope.