Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 13 to Have a Female Voice As the Second Instructor
Host Salman Khan is charging only 403 crores in total for a span of 26 episodes. (Photo Credits: File Photo)

The season 13 of the controversial reality TV show Bigg Boss is all set to premiere soon and various reports, rumours and speculations have been flying wild in the media as well as social media. An unconfirmed report doing the rounds on social media lately suggests the original male voice of Bigg Boss -- a.k.a Atul Kapoor -- will have female company when season 13 of the show launches in a few weeks from now. Bigg Boss 13 New Promo: Salman Khan Announces ‘Super Tedha’ Twist As He Is Trapped in an Hourglass (Watch Video).

The female voice will reportedly join Bigg Boss as an unseen entity, in the capacity of a second instructor to the housemates. Another report suggests the show will have two finales this time. Names of several celebrities such as Mahika Sharma, Karan Patel, Dalljiet Kaur and Shivin Narang have been doing the rounds as possible housemates on season 13. Bigg Boss 13 BTS Footage: Salman Khan REVEALS What’s In Store For Fans Of The Show! (Watch Video)

The only fact confirmed by the producers so far is that the set of the show is this time being erected in Mumbai, unlike the past 12 seasons when it used to be in Lonavala.