Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Episode Update, April 16, 2018: Ishita Is Attacked By Bhavna!
Photo Credit: Star Plus/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein starts with Ishita(Divyanka Tripathi) still banging the door from inside the pump house as she notices a woman nearby banging her head on the wall. Raman(Karan Patel), Romi and Ruhi search around for Ishita as they check everywhere but do not find her anywhere. Ishita calls out to Bhavna by her name and she turns to stare at Ishita. Raman and Romi show Ishita's photo around and they search for her. Raman finds out from the watchman that Ishita has not left the society building. Ishita speaks to Bhavna who starts whispering as Ishita offers her help. Ishita says that she knows Bhavna is out of the asylum and that she would help her. Bhavna keeps whispering to someone and Ishita asks her to whom is she speaking.

Bhavna says that she is speaking to Sonakshi. Ishita is shocked by the information. Bhavna says that Sonakshi will destroy Ishita because Ishita snatched away her house and her life. Bhavna attacks Ishita as she tries to strangle her. Raman and Romi hear Ishita screaming and they run to the place. They break the door to find Ishita in a panicked state. Raman holds her as she cries. Romi looks around the place but finds no one there. Raman, Ruhi and Romi try calming Ishita who says that Sonakshi is back and that Bhavna is around trying to kill her.

Raman assures Ishita that he will find Bhavna and he will not let anyone come near her. Adi meets the business party whom he has to make the pitch to, Mani is also there. Adi requests the party to give him some more days so he can make the pitch as his employee who is an expert with this kind of work is actually on maternity. The party is not happy at all and tells Mani that Adi is too emotional to make a good business plan. Adi tries convincing the group but Mani says that he will ensure Adi works on this issue.  After the party leaves Mani asks Adi to be more practical as he needs to have a back up plan for an employee who is on maternity. Mani suggests Adi takes Aliya's help as she is the expert in the field.

Adi is irritated by the suggestion and he thinks why everyone is questioning his decisions. He feels threatened by the suggestion that Aliya is an expert. Aliya walks in and offers help to which Adi lashes out at her and says that he will not let anyone control him or change his decisions. He says that he does not need anyone and he can run his company as he wants. Aliya is left depressed at all of this. Ishita and Raman file their complaint at the police station and later they return home. They find Bhalla family preparing for Baisakhi. Ramana nd Ishita take over the preparation as Simmi notices that Ishita is shaken. Simmi wonders what went wrong when neither she nor Param did anything. Ruhi looks at Simmi as she feels Simmi is behind all of this.

Ishita is busy serving the family dinner when she notices Adi and Aliya walk in one after the other. She notices something wrong with them. Later as she is busy winding up kitchen Raman meets her and asks her why she has taken over the entire work when she is still recovering from the shock she got. Ishita says that she is the mother of her kids and she needs to do it all for them. Raman hugs her as he says that he is with her. Ruhi notices them together and is very happy as she prays her parents remain this way. Later Raman gets a call from the station asking him to come over and this upsets Ishita. Ishita feels guilty to have Raman in trouble. Raman decides not to go and he takes Ishita to their room and puts her to sleep. He thinks that he cannot let this happen to Ishita and must put an end to all of this.