Mumbai: Goat, Abondoned by Ticketless Passenger, up For Auction
Representational Image (Photo credits: Pexels, Nandhu Kumar)

Mumbai, Aug 2: The Central Railways has decided to auction a goat that was abandoned by a passenger at Mumbai's Masjid railway station on Tuesday. The owner of the goat was caught travelling without a ticket by a ticket collector (TC). Taking advantage of the crowd, the man ran away, leaving behind his goat with the TC. Since then, the Central Railways is taking care of the animal.

On Tuesday, ticket collector Ram Kapte stopped a passenger with the goat to check his ticket. The passenger got panicked as he didn't have a ticket and later disappeared in the crowd of commuters on the platform, leaving his goat bleating beside Kapte. The animal was then brought to CSMT where she is kept at a luggage room and being taken care of by the Central Railways officials. (ALSO READ: Pregnant Goat Abducted, Gangraped by Eight Men in Mewat, Dies)

Since no one has come forward to stake claim of the goat, the Central Railways decided to auction the animal. On Wednesday, the animal was tethered with a hand-scribbled placard that read 'Rs 3000'-the reserve price, reported Times of India. However, nobody showed interest in buying the goat. The goat's caretakers have named her Basanti.

"She is very well-behaved. She loves to lounge on a chair which we've kept beside her," a caretaker was quoted as saying.