Tamil Nadu: Man & Pregnant Wife Hacked to Death Over Inter-Caste Marriage
Man & Pregnant Wife Hacked to Death (Photo Credits: ANI)

Tamil Nadu, July 5: In a shocking case of honour killing, Solairajan and his pregnant wife Jothi was hacked to death by a group of people yesterday in Thoothukudi allegedly over their inter-caste marriage. According to an ANI report, the father of the girl has been arrested. As per reports, the woman was three months pregnant at the time of her murder. Police have identified the victims as Solairajan (24) and Jothi (21), both working in a salt pan as daily wagers. Ghaziabad Man Commits Suicide, Murders Family After Wife Suspects Him.

This is the second such case in a week after the murder of an inter-caste couple in Coimbatore. Police, as quoted in a Hindustan Times report, said, "Solairajan, hailing from the Parayar community, had fallen in love with Jothi, a Pallar girl. Since both were working in a salt pan, they decided to tie the knot. Since Jothi’s parents opposed the marriage, she left her home and got married to her lover in April. There was no opposition from the groom’s parents, who accepted the couple."

The incident was highlighted when the couple wasn’t seen anywhere on Thursday and the door to their house remained closed. Neighbours, accompanied by Solairajan’s mother Muthumari, who then forced open the door. Police have found out that the woman's father was against the marriage because the duo belonged to different sub-sect.