Autism is a development disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. A condition that is triggered by generic as well as environmental factors, it is a disorder that affects communication and social skills as well as information processing. People living with autism often struggle with various issues, from their personal mental turmoil to bullying and even abuse. In these conditions, it becomes extremely difficult for them to live with pride and lead a normal life. This is the reason that June 18 is marked as Autistic Pride Day to help people recognize the importance of pride for autistic people and its role in bringing about positive changes in the broader society. In this article, let us know more about Autistic Pride Day 2020, its history and significance and why it is important to celebrate this day. What Therapies Do Autistic Children Need? Here's How to Care for an Autistic Kid at Home. 

Autistic Pride Day Date

As mentioned before, Autistic Pride Day is celebrated on June 18 every year. Originally an Aspies for Freedom initiative, it is now observed worldwide.

How is Autistic Pride Day Commemorated?

Every year, on Autistic Pride Day, organizations plan various events and awareness campaigns to help people contribute to this cause. The events all focus on educating people who are not a part of the autism spectrum to understand how autistic people are actually unique and inspiring individuals and should not be looked at as a case that needs to be treated. The fact that autism is a disorder that someone lives with lifelong, and not an illness that can be treated is highlighted during this commemoration. From Causes to Types, 7 Most Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) About Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

Significance of Autistic Pride Day

According to WHO, One in 160 children has an autism spectrum disorder. Most of them experience the stigma, discrimination, and torments that come with being a part of this spectrum. In order to make a normal life accessible to them, it is crucial for people to be educated on this subject. This is why the celebration of Autistic Pride Day and other observances that raise awareness on what is autism, and everything we need to know about making people with autism more comfortable, is extremely important.

As we celebrate Autistic Pride Day 2020, we hope that you open a dialogue and educate more people on this subject. People living with autism deserve a right to a balanced and normal life filled with pride and love. And it is high time that we stopped the discrimination that they have been subjected to. Happy Autistic Pride Day.

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