Indian actress and model Shenaz Treasury recently shared on her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, that she has been diagnosed with prosopagnosia. The actor said that she used to have difficulties in remembering peoples' faces and that she used to remember them by their voices. Prosopagnosia, also known as face blindness, is a cognitive disorder that makes a person forget familiar faces. The mental health disorder often makes the patient forget their own face in the mirror (self-recognition). Persons with this condition are called prosopagnosics who often have difficulty recognizing people they have dealt with daily.

 In the case of mild symptoms, the patient may find difficulty not remembering facial visuals. Still, if the problem gets severe, it may extend the recognition problem to other objects of everyday life. Few neuropsychological assessments like the faces test and Benton Facial Recognition Test (BFRT) can definitively diagnose Prosopagnosia. Continue reading the article to learn about the symptoms, cause, and treatment of face blindness. Meanwhile, some famous personalities from the entertainment industry have been vocal about Prosopagnosia lately. Shenaz Treasury Diagnosed With Prosopagnosia; Actress Shares About The Cognitive Disorder And Reveals She ‘Can’t Recognize Faces’.

Symptoms, Causes And Treatment Of Prosopagnosia

Lesions can cause Prosopagnosia in various parts of the inferior occipital areas, fusiform gyrus, and the anterior temporal cortex. The main symptom of prosopagnosia disorder is the inability to recognize acquainted faces. Also, prosopagnosics may avoid getting social, have difficulty distinguishing individuals wearing different cloth materials, or refuse to greet people by their names. Prosopagnosics takes the help of jewellery, hairstyle, perfumes, or colognes to identify people. There are no treatments for Prosopagnosia so far. People can only aim to focus on workarounds like copying skills and other facial cues to remember their loved ones.

Celebrities Who Got Diagnosed With Prosopagnosia

American actor and producer Brad Pitt and Ishq Vishk fame Shenaz Treasury suffer from Prosopagnosia. The famous faces are vocal about their condition and took to their social media to share their ordeal. The two celebs shared how face blindness leads them to struggle to recognize new faces, especially in social settings such as parties.

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