Why Do You Feel So Exhausted After Crying? Quick Tips to Not Feel Drained After an Emotional Outburst
Crying (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Crying is sometimes all you need to vent out your emotions be it to unloose after a movie or to break into tears after a brutal breakup. Once you release your pent up emotions, you probably feel much relieved or even a bit tired, isn't it? Ever noticed how weak you feel in your knees after an emotional release? While crying itself is not physically taxing, it can prove to be pretty draining for you. Here's how!

Crying and Exhaustion – The Connection

Crying can take away a lot of energy that can make you feel tired. We are not saying that letting your tears roll drains your energy but there are a lot of other things that take over your whole body. When you cry, your heart rate increases and your breathing slows down. Plus, crying releases the stress-related hormone cortisol which in turn can make you feel extremely exhausted.

You can also expect to see a dip in your energy levels if you cried strenuously. More vigorous crying can lead to a situation called hyperventilation which can reduce the amount of oxygen in the brain making you feel drowsy in turn. Have a Good Cry! Tears Can Help You Lose Weight Especially If It’s Between 7 PM to 10 PM, Claims Study

Other Side Effects of Crying

The stress hormones also set off neurotransmitters or your brain's chemical messengers that trigger other chemical reactions like tension in your forehead. While the tension headache make your entire head hurt, they are not really accompanied by other symptoms like nausea and sensitivity to light. And when tears start flowing, your nostrils tend to swell congesting your sinuses. The muscles in your neck and head also start to tighten because of your emotional outburst. In many cases, crying can trigger a migraine especially in those who are predisposed to them. Why the World Should Let Men Cry

Simple Ways to Boost Energy Levels

If you need a little extra mojo to go back to track, try meditating for when you are feeling overwhelmed or flustered. You can also try using a few essential oils like ylang ylang and geranium oil to uplift your spirits. Simply diffuse these oils at home or rub them in your wrist and take a nice, deep breath. If you are a beverage person, you can try drinking a stress-relieving blend like chamomile or lavender for that extra kick. Zodiac-based Essential Oils: Nourish Your Soul With Positive Vibes, Explains Energy Expert Shradha Salla!

And if nothing makes you feel better, give your body some TLC. Throw in some soothing salts and soak out the stress. Bonus points if you use candles or aromatherapy, a face mask, and some tranquil tunes. You can make your own spa at home if you try hard enough.