Menstrual hygiene is not the most glamourous topic of discourse but it is an essential one. Especially in summer, where the temperatures soar and you start to sweat like there's no tomorrow. It's not just the constant sweating, but using dirty tampons or not changing the sanitary pads at regular intervals, might lead to rashes and infections. Considering the killer cramps that invades your body and cramps your style, we can honestly do without adding rashes and infections to the bloody mix.  Any month is a good month to be mindful of good menstrual hygiene but it will certainly behove us to be extra mindful during hot summers. Ahead of World Menstrual Day celebrated on May 28th, we give you a few tips that will make you more mindful of maintaining Summer Menstrual Hygiene.

1. Change Your Sanitary Pads at Regular Intervals

Change your pad every four hours during the first two days of your period when the flow is relatively heavier. If you use sanitary pads, remember to change them often. Ideally, changing it every four hours is considered good at least for the first two days. The rest of the days go with your instinct.

2. Try Switching to Tampons or Menstrual Cups

Unlike sanitary pads, they don't rub against your skin and cause rashes. A tampon is more like a plug while a menstrual cup is funnel-shaped cups, that have little to no contact with your skin and thus help to reduce itchiness and rashes. However, similar to a sanitary pad they have to be discarded (Tampons) or cleaned out ( Menstrual Cup as they are reusable ) every four hours.

3. Wear Clean Underwear Everyday

Well, this is a no brainer. We've been thought this since infancy - always wear clean underwear peeps. This could go a long way in maintaining not just good menstrual health but good vaginal health as well.

4. Keep it Clean

Keeping your vaginal area clean by washing it every day is a crucial step to maintain good menstrual health. Especially during periods in summer. Use warm water and vaginal hygiene products instead of regular soap.

5. Invest in Good Sanitary Products

In order to maintain good menstrual hygiene, it is vital to put your money on good sanitary products. This is one commodity that you shouldn't skimp out on. If you are skint and can hardly afford to splurge on good sanitary napkins, switch to menstrual cups. They are a reusable, environment-friendly and reasonably priced solution to sanitary napkins.

These are some simple steps that you can adhere to this summer to avoid infections and diseases and maintain good menstrual hygiene during hot weather.

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