We are all confined at homes for the past few months, which means that sex has probably taken a backseat. Raise your hands if this is happening to you. While the lockdown should have given us more opportunity to get cosy in the bed with our partners, all the stress, monotony and fatigue caused due to the COVID-19 pandemic has curbed our mood to have enough sex. But before we get back to our offices again, let us make the most of this time and have some raunchy sex.

Light up The Mood

Why not do some moonlighting to set the right mood in the bedroom? It will not only break the monotony but will make you want to get cosy with your partner. You can also get creative by some, adding some diffusers in your room. All the aroma and romantic lighting will push you to cuddle up with one another. Sex During Coronavirus Lockdown: Reasons Why You Should Be Having HOT Afternoon Sex for Amazing Orgasm!

Change the Location

Who said you only need to have sex in your bedroom? You can switch things up by moving your romp session to your couch and even the shower. Truth be told, shower sex can be steamy, and you must take full advantage of the time when both of you are home. Just ensure that you use a non-slip shower mat to avoid slipping in the bathroom. How to Give a Sexy AF Lap Dance? Break the Monotony of Quarantine Sex by Rocking Your Partner's World with Your Body!

Get Adventurous with Sex Positions

That go-to missionary sex position might be your favourite, but it is now time to get a little more adventurous and try something new. Let the woman take charge and get on top, or you can also use props like the chair or the table to really sizzle with each other.

Try Reading an Erotic Novel

Many do not know, but an erotic novel can be much more stimulating than watching porn together. So grab one of them or run through it online and narrate to each other. Within minutes you will be into each other kissing, fondling and moaning. Flouting Lockdown for Sex! Many Admit to Breaking Social Distancing Rules and Sneaking to Their Partner’s House for Sexual Intimacy, Says Survey.

Don't let sex take a back seat. If you feel that your sex life has hit a plateau, switch things up and get creative because few things feels like heaven and sex is one.

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