BLACKPINK’s member Jennie is making the headlines, not only for her professional achievements, but majorly for her recent daring rumours with BigBang’s fame G-Dragon. Although, both the K-Pop stars have not confirmed anything about their relationship, many followers criticised Jennie. Even, G-Dragon got no escape, as some expressed discomfort about their relationship. While the criticism is on, Blinks came out in massive support of their favourite K-Pop singer Jennie. #BlinksWithYou, #BlinksWithJennie, #JensettersWithYouJennie are among the few tags running as top trending hashtags on Twitter.

There is no denying that K-Pop stars are treated like royals by their fans. Any sort of criticism to the artists, fans always come out in support. Recently, BTS became a victim of racism by German radio presenter Matthias Matuschik. His hateful ‘jokes’ did not go well to the K-Pop fans, who demanded an apology on social media. When Blackpink’s Lisa was attacked by racist and hatred comments, both Lillies and Blinks took over the internet, showing their support to the K-Pop singer.

Similarly, Jennie’s dating rumours with BigBang’s G-Dragon was backed by the K-Pop fans. It is true when two pop stars, as popular as G-Dragon and Jennie, began to see each other; it creates a massive fan reaction. But it is unnecessary to put on nasty comments on their relationship. After Dispatch reported about the K-Pop stars dating, some followers took to social media to criticise them. Both G-Dragon and Jennie has been facing backlash amid their dating rumours. This is why, “We support you Jennie,” began to trend online, with some questioning why people are commenting on the K-Pop stars’ relationship.

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We Support You Jennie Trend Online

Pics and Tweets Go Viral

Some Are Concerned About Jennie

Others Shower Support

All For Jennie's Happiness

Both Jennie and G-Dragon are yet to confirm the same officially. YG Entertainment as well did not confirm or deny the same. Besides, like many loyal Blinks would agree, it is their personal life, and there is no necessity to pass on any brutal comments. Whatever they decide, fans are always there to support the K-Pop singers!

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