Can You Find the Hidden Number in the 8 of Diamonds Card? Twitterati Are Already Amazed Over the Revelation (View Pics)
Can You Find the Hidden Number in the 8 of Diamonds Card? (Photo Credits: @PlinketyPlink/ Twitter/

Cards are special. A deck of playing cards might look simple, but hidden among the pips, suits, numbers and portraits are surprising secrets. The box of pasteboards in bold and primary colours is one of the popular things which are recognisable around the world. But the more we look, it seems like those cards are filled with mystery. Now, it is the front and centre on the 8 of diamonds that is making the netizens crazy after one social media user pointed it out. The Twitter user named Plink shared a picture of an eight of diamonds card and revealed that the number ‘8’ is hidden in the card in plain sight. Scary Hidden Messages Scribbled on Banana Peels Freak People Out. 

"What age were you when you first saw the 8 in the middle of the 8 of diamonds?" reads the caption including a photo of the red card. Before, we put the straight image, did you spot the number yet? Here is a hint. The number is in the white space in between! Once, you spot, you can never unsee it. Couple Finds Hidden Camera in Carnival Cruise Bedroom 'Invading Their Privacy!' Company Acknowledges Presence of 'Video Transmitter'. 

Spot the number in the 8 of Diamonds card. 

Naturally, the internet was amazed by this revelation. This stunning new fact has surprised the netizens. While some had hilarious reactions with abounding memes, others were baffled to actually see the number. Hidden Mountain Valleys Discovered Under Ice in Antarctica. 

Check out the reactions!

Further, the revelation of the number 8 in diamonds has also given an opportunity for people to share hidden images in well-known logos. For instance, one Twitter account shared a picture of the Toblerone logo, which is a mountain. But once you closely inspect, you can see the outline of a bear in the peaks. Still puzzled? Go and check your Toblerone cover to find out the hidden bear.