Do you love Gulab Jamuns? Who doesn't, actually, unless the person really hates sweets. This luscious sweet mithai immersed in sugar syrup is so good to slurp on. And most people love to directly just pick it up and gorge on them without worrying about their messy hands. But someone who did otherwise, of eating Gulab Jamun with a fork has not been spared well by Desi Twitter. A video of someone eating a Gulab Jamun with the help of a fork is going viral on Twitter and while it looks all sort of yummy, the method is not liked by people. Weird Food Combination Trends Return During Quarantine? Man Eats Makki Ki Roti With Maggi! Unimpressed Netizens React With Funny Memes.

Social media, especially Twitter can be a hard place for foodies. There is a weird trend of making unusual food combinations which are just out to ruin one's food cravings. In the last few days itself, we have seen the weirdest combos of Maggi Pani Puri and Oreo Bhajiya! At least, the latest video of Gulab Jamun going viral has nothing of that sort. Twitter user Linta shared the video with a caption, "Show me something more beautiful than this." While ot looks definitely yummy, the technique of eating them with a fork is not liked by many. The video has got over 7 lakh views but people have one question, "Who Eats Gulab Jamun Like This?"

Watch Video of Gulab Jamun With Fork Here:


Who Eats Like This?

Not One But Two Forks!

Hurts Sentiments

It's an Insult

Send to Jail

Clearly, there is just one correct way of eating this sweet dish and that is to stuff it in your mouth and enjoy the sweet juiciness on the inside altogether. Don't you agree?

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