Fearless Kota: Ahead of JEE & NEET 2019, Horlicks India Boosts Students With This Emotional #BottleOfLove Ad; Watch Video
Horlicks Bottle of Love (Photo Credits: YouTube screengrab| Horlicks)

Rajasthan’s Kota, dubbed as the ‘coaching capital’ of the country sees many ambitious youngsters travelling to the place from all corners to the country.  Many of them leave their families behind at a tender age to Kota to enrol for quality coaching to gain entry into their dream educational institutions. Their plight, trying to adjust in a different city can never be explained in words. With JEE and NEET 2019 around the corner, students are gearing up to secure seats at IITs and medical colleges. The competition is high and students who stay alone, often find difficulty in coping with that stress. Just ahead of the exams, malted milk drink company Horlicks have just come up with an emotional ad to encourage the students to beat the examination anxiety. Medical Entrance Exams 2019: Schedule & Dates of Important Exams Including NEET & AIIMS MBBS for UG & PG Admissions. 

Navigating the world on your own, away from the support of your parents, expecting to be truly independent is never an easy journey. Such emotions have often been portrayed well by different ads; however, Horlicks' India ad is by far one of the best. It begins by stating the overall number of students who travel to Kota every year to prepare for IIT and medical entrance exams. They are not prepared for months of pressure and loneliness. IIT JEE Aspirant Commits Suicide in Kota: 3 Student Suicides in 48 Hours Shake Country’s Coaching City. 

“Horlicks understands that to fight pressure and homesickness, children need a different kind of nutrition. The kind of nutrition that we could never fill our bottles with—Emotional Nutrition,” writes the company on their video ad. Hence, to connect just that, the company reached out to mothers and requested them to fill in their kid’s favourite that they miss the most on the bottle of Horlicks. Engineering Entrance Exams 2019: Schedule, Dates of Important Exams Including JEE & GATE for UG & PG Admissions. 

Watch Horlicks India #BottleOfLove Ad Video

Family pictures, hand-stitched sweaters, hand-written letters and many more including kids’ favourite snacks were locked in the bottle of Horlicks or as the company likes to call it #BottleOfLove. Nothing can match a mother’s love. The emotional video since has gone viral on Facebook with many comments and shares.

Horlicks' Fearless Kota campaign focuses on students who are all set to take the IIT and medical entrance exams at the country’s coaching hub. Kota is infamous for its increasing number of suicides. To address this issue, the company strives to make sure that they get full nutrition, not only the one found in food, but  also "Emotional Nutrition." Horlicks acts like a bridge between the students and their mothers sitting apart in different parts of the country. And the recent ad cannot get any better to rightly express what the young minds living far away feels every day. Mother’s love is the best dose for kids to beat the exam stress.