Georgia Woman Says She Infected Men With HIV in Viral Facebook Video, Gets Into Trouble
HIV test (Photo Credits: Unsplash)

A Georgia woman is facing charges for taking to Facebook in a video saying that she was HIV-positive and intentionally infected many men. Brandi Yakeima Lasiter's rant was quick to go viral on social media grabbing the attention of police officials. Americus Police Major Herman Lamar told news outlets that they received several tips on Friday after the video was shared widely on social media. In the video, the woman details her alleged sexual encounters with different men and that she infected them with the deadly virus. What’s The Difference Between HIV and AIDS?

She even listed the names of people she allegedly infected with HIV and mentioned the names of their wives and girlfriends. Brandi even bragged out how she was trying to get revenge on the men. However, her viral rant reached Americus Police after social media users forwarded links of the video to the cops. But, on being interrogated, Brandi said that she does not have HIV and posted the video "because she was angry at the people she named." UNAIDS Report Says 9.4 Million People Don’t Know They Are HIV Positive!

She also provided reports of September 2018 blood test which showed that she wasn't HIV-positive and has now submitted to a new blood test. Americus Police Chief Mark Scott said the department is waiting on the test results "to determine what, if any, charges she may be facing." Police Major Herman Lamar told local media that one of the men about whom Brandi mentioned in the video, has filed a communication harassment complaint against her. In Georgia, it is a felony to knowingly transmit HIV.