Did you see the latest trend on Twitter yet? Well, there are many, and netizens are simply hooked on social media, because of these viral trends. Tesla CEO Elon Musk became the richest person in the world, surpassing Jeff Bezos and Twitter had a lot to react. On the other hand, the repercussions of storming the US Capitol building continue to unfold. Meanwhile, COVID-19 cases continue to surge. Amid all of these, Tweeple did manage to find ways and stay entertained. #HalfFaceTwitter—a viral trend that surfaced on the microblogging platform last year, resurfaced and netizens seem to be obsessed with it. Not only cropped selfie, but funny memes and jokes are part of this trend too!

Social media never fail to surprise us. One after another, there are many hilarious trends that come up on the internet. Be it WhatsApp’s privacy policy change or Twitter users mistaking ‘via Getty’ for the name of a Capitol rioter. Likewise, when #HalfFaceTwitter began to trend on the microblogging platform, it was quite expected to spark some funny memes as well, just like last time.

What is #HalfFaceTwitter? The hashtag, requires individual to post a selfie of themselves or any other being with just half of the face visible. While some have simply turned to one side, others used different things to cover part of their faces, including hands, books and hair.

Check Tweets:


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Half-Face, Is It?

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So, did you participate in the latest trend or not? It is trends like this that keep everything light-hearted, amid so many things happening around the world. Share your cropped selfie or a meme, to join the fun!

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