'I Looked At You, You Looked At Me' Funny Memes on Dus Bahane Song Trend Online, Netizens Make Jokes Using Lyrics of Hit Track
Dus Bahane song lyrics memes (Photo Credits: Twitter)

If you have been scrolling on social media often, you must've noticed some memes made on Dus Bahane song lyrics. The line "I looked at you, you looked at me aur hogayi mushkil" is being interpreted into funny ways to make memes and jokes by netizens. The original track from film Dus was quiet a chartbuster, but it has now been remade for Tiger Shroff starrer film Baaghi 3. The new version is being called as Dus  Bahane 2.0, and the video released a few days ago. Those who have grown up listening to the original song haven't really liked the remix version. Right after the song released, there were funny memes and jokes made on it.  And Desi Twitter doesn't take long to make any trend go viral. So using one line from the song, people seem to have found the format to make memes and jokes.

The original song from the 2005 film Dus was quite a party topper with its beats. But the makers of Baaghi 3 decide to add more to it and retain some portions of the original. While Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor have tried their best to show off great moves in the song video, the track doesn't really impress. It has irked a lot of people who loved the original composition. And now meme-makers seem to have found a new way of dissing at it by using the lyrics to fit in different situations. From cricket to Bollywood movie scenes, the particular line, "I looked at you, you looked at me aur hogayi mushkil" is being used to make jokes. Desi Twitter is having a field day making funny memes on the Dus Bahane song. Baaghi 3 Funny Memes Go Viral As Physics-Defying Trailer Makes No Sense, And Even Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor's Fans Would Agree.

Check Some Funny Memes on Dus Bahane Song Lyrics:

How Many of You Have Faced This?


Hera Pheri is Here Too!

Every Mumbaikar Can Relate

Remember This Scene?


On-field Situations!

These days we cannot even predict what starts trending and goes viral on social media. It seems completely random but that's how some meme trends begin online. The song lyrics of Dus Bahane are now the new way to make jokes.