What you see when you're asleep provides information about your present state of mind and hopes for the future. You may see signs indicating you are taking some necessary steps for your well-being. In simpler terms, these are called Precognitive dreams that predict the future. Speaking of dreams and their numerous interpretations, have you ever seen Maa Durga in your dreams? If yes, then congratulations, it's a highly auspicious sign! Goddess Shakti is a reflection of new hope and a change of luck. All you need to know is the appearance of the divine feminine energy in your dreams who is permitting you to follow your passion and vision. The dream may also mean that you have finally received her favour through your devotion and good deeds. So lucky dreamers, keep reading the article to know about the myriad of attributes associated with the dream and what message it has for you. Lord Krishna in Dreams Meaning: Here's Why it is Auspicious to See Bal Gopal and What Does it Signify to See God in Your Dreams?

Maa Durga In Dreams Meaning

There are different signs and messages related to the way in which the Goddess emerges in your dreams. For instance, if one witnesses the Devi in a red saree and a calming posture as if she is about to enter your house, this points toward supreme contentment that the person will soon experience. It is very rare to see Devi Durga speaking or interacting since her appearance is enough to give you a blissful life. Moreover, if you watch the Goddess in her Kshatriya manifestation with arms raised to strike, then no evil can harm the dreamer. This avatar of the Goddess shows that she is unstoppable and wrathful at the injustice done to the dreamer. Devi Lakshmi Appeared in Your Dream? Know The Meaning And Interpretation of Seeing the Hindu Goddess of Wealth During Sleep.

On the other hand, if ever you dream about the Goddess in an angry form, there are chances you are not doing certain things right in your life. It would help if you avoided all kinds of wickedness and illegal activities as they would result in agony and humiliation. The colour in which the Devi appears in your dreams also holds a lot of significance. Durga Maa in green colour indicates marriage or childbirth, whereas a red hue exhibits victory and progress. So, when the Goddess visits your dreams next time, you'll know what it means.

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