Happy Mother's Day! As cliche as it may sound, mother's love is incomprehensible. Whether it is about lending you a kidney or sending flying chappals your way, you know that everything they do reflects the sheer love they have for you. However, to just reiterate the universal belief, let us talk about little things that mothers do every day to show what we mean to them. Mother’s Day 2021 Messages, WhatsApp Stickers, and HD Images: Facebook Wishes, Signal Mom Quotes and Telegram Greetings For Mothering Sunday. 

Bringing You a Cut Fruit Bowl

Remember how your mom sneaks into your room while you are working or studying to make sure that you get your daily vitamin and fibers? No matter how small it may seem, you know well how big a hassle it is to peel and remove all the pomegranate kernels. You wouldn't eat them at all if it wasn't for your mom, isn't it?!

The Happy Good Morning Messages

Your mom loves you a lot and she thinks of you every time. That shows because as soon as you wake up, you may not find your boyfriend's 'Good Morning, princess' message, but a long forwarded paragraph from mom about how you should be positive in life? Sure!

The Extra Roti

In a typical Indian household, you will see your mom feeding you wholeheartedly like you're going on war, one where the one who has eaten the most wins. You'll always find an extra roti on your plate, even though you're full and that extra roti is sometimes what she was going to eat herself. BUT you'll hear her say that she is not hungry.

The Sweater or Jacket

You're heading to a club or dinner with friends. You are looking sexy AF in your LBD. BUT your mom will hand you over a jacket, sweater or scarf because she knows you'll later be cold that night. Although it may irk you that time, you know she's right!

Your Food Habits

She has given birth to you, she knows you don't like chana dal although, she might try to force-feed it to you because it is healthy. BUT when she says 'I didn't buy gobhi because she doesn't like it', to another aunty, you know that's LOVE!

You're Perfect to Her NMW

Having a bad hair day? Or you smudged your kajal? You know you'll still be the prettiest for your mom. There's a reason the "A face only a mother could love" (not in a good way, tho) phrase is used because a mother's love is beyond the conventional beauty standards of society.

She Is Your Constant

Finally, the fact that you know, when you go back home, your mother and her warmth are always there for you. You can lose everything in the world BUT not your mother's love and confidence in you.

You may fight with her at times. There may be situations when you don't even want to see her face. BUT know that if there's a person who loves you without any condition, it is your mom. Now, go hug her for no reason. But sanitise first.


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