The year 2020 has almost come to an end. This is probably one of those rare times when we are extremely excited about the year to end. After all, 2020 has only been painful. Pandemic, bushfires, social unrest, and more, we have seen way too much at a time. Now that we are at the end of the year, it is almost time to list down your New Year 2021 resolutions. If you are one of those who think, it is only lame, brace yourself to come across the various ‘New Year, New Me!’ social media posts. Everything else on the world is one side, and New Year resolutions are on the other. It is absolutely hilarious, how we always try to reach our goals, but fail miserably. To have some fun with the spirit of the season, here we bring you some New Year 2021 resolutions funny memes and jokes. LOL at these hilarious reactions to our collective striving (often failing) to reach our goals.

New Year resolutions are not too challenging for people, who are determined to achieve them by the end of the year. But there are many, who are lazy AF, to even move from the bed on the weekend, forget about hitting the gym. No matter what, if you are not sharing New Year resolutions, are you even celebrating it? We hardly doubt that! Like it or not, the promises are going to appear on social media, and some might even follow it religiously.

The internet’s masterpiece memes about everyone’s collective hatred for the New Year resolutions are funnier than the actual resolutions. Besides, the year has been a struggle and something, which not a meme or an emoji or a word can sum up the unprecedented 2020. As this year draws to a close, we thought why not talk about this most obvious topic of discussion that knows no boundaries. Let us check out the best and relatable hilarious New Year resolutions memes that are perfect for ringing in the New Year 2021 with a bang!

New Year 2021 Resolutions Funny Memes

New Year 2021 Resolutions Funny Memes (Photo Credits: Instagram)


New Year Resolutions Funny Memes (Photo Credits: Instagram)


New Year 2021 Resolutions Funny Memes & Jokes (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Everyone on New Year Day! 

New Year 2021 Resolutions Memes (Photo Credits: Instagram)

'New Year, New Me!' 

New Year 2021 Resolutions Memes & Jokes (Photo Credits: Instagram)


New Year 2021 Resolutions Funny Memes (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Aren’t they hilarious? We have only arrived in December, and there are already memes flooding on social media, hoping the last month of the year does not surprise with its turn of event. So, what is your New Year resolution? Are you going to keep it or laugh at the relatable NY resolutions memes? The choice is yours!

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