The novel coronavirus has gripped nations across the world. With the number of cases increasing rapidly, people are asked to stay at home as there is no immediate cure available. The only way at the moment to contain the COVID-19 spread for which all of us should stay at home, self-quarantining, maintain social distance and keep ourselves hygienic. While doing so, boredom can demotivate a lot of us as; definitely we are never used to stay indoors. But netizens are finding creative ways to keep themselves engaged and entertained during the pandemic. Twitter users are currently making picnic tables for squirrels as pastime, but the results are adorable and satisfying. One by one, many have taken to the microblogging platform how they are making the tables for the cute little ones, enjoying their meals. From Getting a Date Via Drone to Sending Pet Dog to Buy Things, Here's How People are Maintaining Social Distance Creatively During Coronavirus Lockdown. 

Twitter user, Lucy Small, shared the idea on Twitter. The Florida woman’s insane at-home craft idea inspired many to join in the trend. “2 weeks of isolation and we’re out here making picnic tables for squirrels because we’re insane,” Lucy captioned her tweet. The tiny picnic table is an instant hit online. Home Quarantine Trend! Netizens Dig Up Embarrassing Old Facebook Photos of Their Friends With Hilarious Shayari in Comments, People React With Funny Memes and Jokes. 

Here's the Pic:

As the tweet went viral, another user Craig S Hensel, pointed out that it was not Lucy, but Rick Kalinowski, from Pennsylvania, built the popular piece of furniture. “This is pretty cool, but let's remember to give proper credit and not pass content as your own. Rick Kalinowski, you build fine squirrel picnic tables,” reads the tweet. Lucy too admitted that it was Rick, who built the table. People Are Solving Puzzles to Beat Home Quarantine Blues and COVID-19 Anxiety!

Rick Kalinowski is the Genius Behind the Idea!

Almost immediately, followers were inspired to DIY picnic for squirrels and put it out in the lawn for the little ones to enjoy. Building tiny tables for squirrels to dine out became are now a new hobby with people proudly posting images of their creations on Twitter.

Everyone is Making Picnic Table For Squirrels!



It's Everyone's New Hobby!

Uh Oh!

What A Sight!

Not Everyone Can!

It is comforting to see people utilising their quarantine time creatively. Over the past few days, we have seen many videos and pictures revealing everyone’s new interests. And building picnic tables for squirrels is the latest addition!

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