This Amavasya Ki Raat Encounter ‘Ghosts’ to Curb Your Fears & Superstitions With Picnic at a Mumbai Crematorium!
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Mumbai, August 10: How does the idea of having a picnic at the crematorium sound to you? Scary? Spooky? Yes this Saturday, students will go for a picnic held by Vidyarthi Sanghatana from Kalyan, where they will go to a crematorium on 'amavasya ki raat' to face their fears and crush superstitious beliefs. According to a Mid Day report, the picnickers will visit the crematorium at Washind in the dead of night.

The objective of the picnic is to help students face their fears, and realise that superstitions around ghosts and Amavasya are useless. 100 students from Thane, Kalyan and Titwala, have already registered for the picnic, which is organised for students in class 11, and above. The organisers will also hold a lecture at the crematorium, and show some magic tricks.

The organisers feel that there are many well-educated people, but they still fall for godmen, and other superstitions. They will teach students, how to identify false claims about 'bhoot', and warnings against entering the crematorium at night! So those attending the picnic, hope you have a great weekend!